MARCH 3-4, 2018



A. Medical Professionals

1. The complexity of Autism Spectrum Disorder
2. Autism and co-morbidities
3. Conditions that mimic Autism
4. Why Early Intervention?
5. IAP guidelines on Autism
6. Evidence based Treatment options
7. Autism Treatment -How long?

B. Behavior Analysts (ABA)

1. Effective Treatment Outcomes: ABA vs Eclectic Approaches
2. Building & Enhancing Language in ASD Learners
3. Critical variables in treatment success in ASD
4. Role of ABA in reducing Challenging Behaviors in ASD.
5. Can ABA based treatment lead to recovery
6. Therapy & Supervision- the difference with ABA

C. Panel Discussion

1. Do we need to investigate a child with Autism?
2. Role of medicines (Pharmacotherapy) in treatment of Autism
3. Recovery from autism: Is it possible?
4. The need for Quality Control in treatment

D. Parent Perspective

1. Raising my grand Daughter with my head held high
2. Journey of my child with Autism


Individuals / Professionals: Rs.6000/-
Couple: Rs.10,000/-
Doctors: Rs.5000/-
Certified ABA Professionals: Rs.5000/-
ABA Students: Rs.5000/-
Parent (kids with ASD): Rs.4000/-
Parent Couple (kids with ASD): Rs.7000/-
Poster Presenter: Rs.8000/-


Spot Registrations Are Now Closed.

The venue is filled to capacity and no more seating is available.
Contact:Manoj Sharma
A/c Name:Behavior Momentum India Foundation
Bank Name:Axis Bank
A/c Number:913020054324672
IFSC Code:UTIB0001744
MICR Code:110211118
Branch:Sector 110,Noida


Child care facility available for 2 days on First-come, First-served basis at BMI centers- HRBR Layout, Jayanagar, Sarjapur

Charges Rs. 750 / Day
Timings: 8.30 am to 6 pm

HRBR Layout: +91 9900019922
Jayanagar: +91 9900019924
Sarjapur: +91 9900019923


BMI - Behavior Momentum India
Zydus Cadila
Brio Bliss Life Science
Quest Global


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MARCH 3-4, 2018



Day 1 - 03 March, 2018
Start End Sessions Topic Speaker
09:00 AM 10:00 AM Inauguration
10:00 AM 10:30 AM Session 1 Keynote: Dealing With Autism - Lots Of Hard Work, Hope And Some Fun On The Way Dr Shobha Srinath
10:35 AM 11:05 AM Session 2 Effective Treatment Outcomes: ABA vs Eclectic Approaches Dr. Neil Martin
11:10 AM 11:20 AM Parent Perspective 1 Raising My Granddaughter With My Head Held High Mr. Shishir Kant Misra
11:20 AM 11:35 AM Tea
11:35 AM 12:05 PM Session 3 Why Early Intervention ? Dr. Himani Khanna
12:10 PM 12:40 PM Session 4 Critical Variables in Treatment Success in ASD Dr. Robert K Ross
12:45 PM 01:15 PM Session 5 The Complexity of Autism Spectrum Disorder Dr. Vrajesh Udani
01:15 PM 02:00 PM Lunch
02:00 PM 02:30 PM Panel Discussion A Recovery From Autism: Is It Possible? Moderator: Dr. Smita Awasthi,
Dr. Neil Martin, Dr. Janet Twyman, Dr. Robert Ross, Dr. Chitra Sankar, Mr. Sridhar A
02:35 PM 03:15 PM Session 6 Medical Management Of Sleep Disorders Dr. Rashmi Adiga
03:20 PM 03:30 PM Parent Perspective 2 Journey Of My Child With Autism Ms. Meena Girisaballa
03:30 PM 03:45 PM Tea
03:45 PM 04:15 PM Session 7 Making The Diagnosis: Associated Difficulties Dr. Padma Palvai
04:15 PM 05:00 PM Panel Discussion B Role Of Medicines (Pharmacotherapy) In Treatment Of Autism  Moderator: Dr. Himani Khanna,
Dr. Jeeson C Unni, Dr. Safiya, Dr. Rashmi Adiga, Dr. Harini Atturu
05:05 PM 05:35 PM Session 8 Autism Management: Indian Scenario Dr. Leena Srivastava
Day 2 - 04 March, 2018
Start End Sessions Topic Speaker
09:00 AM 09:30 AM Session 9 Conditions That Mimic Autism Dr. Puja Kapoor
09:35 AM 10:05 AM Session 10 Evidence Based Treatment Options Dr. Lokesh Lingappa
10:10 AM 10:40 AM Session 11 Building & Enhancing Language In ASD Learners Dr. Janet Twyman
10:40 AM 10:55 AM Tea
10:55 AM 11:05 AM Parent Perspective 3 Journey Of My Child With Autism Dr. Sudha Krishnamurthy
11:10 AM 11:55 AM Panel Discussion C Do We Need To Investigate A Child With Autism? Moderator: Dr. Puja Kapoor,
Dr. Ravi Kumar, Dr. Gurpreet Kochar, Dr. Lokesh Lingappa, Dr. Harini Atturu
12:00 PM 12:30 PM Session 12 Role Of ABA In Reducing Challenging Behaviors In ASD Dr. Smita Awasthi
12:30 PM 01:00 PM Session 13 Therapy And Supervision – How ABA Makes The Difference Dr. Neil Martin 
01:00 PM 01:45 PM Lunch
01:45 PM 02:15 PM Session 14 ADHD Assessment & Management Dr. Harini Atturu
02:20 PM 03:05 PM Panel Discussion D The Need For Quality Control In Treatment Moderator: Mr. Sridhar A,
Dr. Neil Martin, Dr. Himani Khanna, Dr. Gurpreet Kochar, Dr. Padma Palvai
03:10 PM 03:40 PM Session 15 Autism Treatment – How Long? Dr. Rajeshwari Ganesh
03:45 PM 03:55 PM Parent Perspective 4 Journey Of My Child With Autism Mr. Ravi Marda
04:00 PM 04:30 PM Valedictory Session
04:30 PM 04:45 PM Tea


3rd March, 2018, Saturday, Day 1
Consultation by Doctors
4th March, 2018, Sunday, Day 2
Special Session - How to become ABA Certified Behavior Analysts, Dr. Neil Martin, Director BACB, USA.
Consultation by Doctors