Parents worry about their child’s future. This concern is a thousand times greater when the child has special needs. Nothing in life has prepared parents for such perplexing moments. What after me? This question is a part of special parents thoughts in all their living moments. Will my child be safe? Will he be happy? Will he be a valuable member of the community? BMI Foundation a Non-government Not-for-profit-charitable Trust is trying to address this concern through Paripri, our assisted living community for adults with autism.

“Highly Valued” that’s what Pariprī means. It is a Sanskrit word with its origins in Rig-Veda dating back to 1500 -1000 BCE. The word Pariprī resonates with our philosophy as all adults with autism and other special needs at Pariprī will be valued members of the community living with utmost care, respect, dignity and freedom.

BMI Foundation is also involved in numerous other endeavors to assist individuals with Autism. We organize an annual international Autism Conference, with the theme "From Diagnosis To Treatment", inviting experts in various evidence-based fields, from across India and the International community. For more details, please Click Here

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