The Project

Our Vision

To create a residential facility for adults with autism, structured to meet their needs for a safe home and an enriched environment for a living a life with dignity.

Our Name

“Highly Valued” that’s what Pariprī means. It is a Sanskrit word with its origins in Rig-Veda dating back to 1500 -1000 BCE. The word Pariprī resonates with our philosophy as all adults with autism and other special needs at Pariprī will be valued members of the community living with utmost care, respect, dignity and freedom.


Creating the perfect community for special needs adults rests on choosing the right location. So for the community, we chose 20 pristine acres in Denkanikottai at Krishnagiri district of Tamilnadu. At an altitude of 3000 feet above sea level it is a paradise for nature lovers. Also known as “Little England” the weather here is ideal throughout the year.

The location is known for its flora which includes a variety of timber trees like rose wood, teak, hundreds of medicinal herbs etc. Floriculture is rampant in the region. The forest area at Denkanikottai taluk has the Cauvery elephant reserve. And the area is known for large scale migratory butterflies which pass by like a cloud during a particular season.

Denkanikottai is well connected from Bangalore by air, road and rail. It is 75 kms from Bangalore airport and 24 kms from Hosur. Hosur Aerodrome is situated 26.4 kms away though it is not open for commercial flights as yet. Pariprī’s location in Denkanikottai with clean fresh air, star filled nights, and pleasant weather, makes for peaceful living away from the rushed city life, specially suited for an adult with special needs. The location was specially selected for its beautiful year-round weather, and an environment which provides natural resources for a variety of vocational opportunities.