Our Team

Endeavors as large as these require the support of innumerable kind-hearted people who may not be directly affected but wish to make a difference in the lives of others.
The trustees of BMI Foundation are only providing leadership for this project.

Manoj Sharma, B.Tech

A technocrat and a graduate in Metallurgy Engineering he has been associated with the Pariprī project since its inception. His 32 years experience in previous small scale projects and 5 years of dedicated self-less work in the special needs field provides this project a person with the right background while his international exposure to successful business projects gives him the right balance of knowledge and pursuance.

Smita Awasthi, MA, BCBA

A behavior analyst with 30 years of international experience with special needs children and adults with autism. This project is her silent promise to a young boy with autism who lived at Jagriti Vihar,​ a residential special needs school in​ Lucknow,​ in the 1980s​. He remained undiagnosed and she could ​never help him due to lack of training at the time. ​ Her vision and dedication in providing high quality services, capacity building, pioneering a system-driven organization, and supporting​ families​ unconditionally remain her mainstay​. Her strengths will stretch the boundaries of residential living for the special needs.

Sridhar Aravamudhan, MBA, BCBA

An IIM graduate with extensive international experience in the corporate world and a behavior analyst, teacher, researcher and parent of a child with autism, he shares the anxieties of a parent first hand. His experience in dealing with mega system driven projects and commitment to providing a home for adults with autism meeting the desire of every individual parent lays the seeds for something which resonates with our philosophy.